Future Work Skills 2020

Future Work Skills 2020.

Valuable webinar discussing the future work skills needed in the 21st Century.  Great group of panelists and interesting insights on the different views employers and employees hold on what they consider to be the critical work skills today.

The panelists highlight the drivers of change that require a new workplace skillset including extreme longevity, use of technology and the increasing rise of data generation and use.

A representative from the Institute on Research described the top ten future work skills based on their research in this area.  A couple of the skills they discussed were new to me and have been created as a result of the increased use of technology and innovation in the workplace.  These skills are Novel and Adaptive Thinking  which is described as the ability to think and develop responses that are not solely rule based and Transdiciplinary  which is the ability to understand concepts across multiple disciplines or achieve fluency across transdicipline boundaries.


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