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A Discussion with the West Vancouver Administrators Association – June 23, 2010

Welcome to the wiki page for today’s presentation. We have created a backchannel to allow everyone to contribute, discuss, share, question and expand on ideas throughout the presentation. Please open this site in a new tab or window to participate.

Learning Intentions:

* Share ways teachers ands students are using technology to support learning

* Challenge some assumptions about teaching and learning

* Experience “Schooling 2.0”

School Reform is not new and not unique to our context in B.C. right now:

The work in New Brunswick is reflected in work happening, across, Canada, North America and the world. Other top performing jurisdictions are considering where they need to go next. Earlier this month, Alberta released its Inspiring Education Report that spoke about a system that is:

external image moreless.jpg

external image moreless2.jpg

Some big ideas at play in British Columbia right now:

21st Century Skills:

3 R’s

* reading

* writing

* numeracy

8 C’s

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