Collaboration station | Concord Monitor

Collaboration station | Concord Monitor.

“For Lukasiak, the key to improved learning and higher test scores is being informed about how much the students know and catering to their needs from that point.

“Assessing students, talking to them, finding out what they already know and what they need to know is critical,” Lukasiak said.

The students who are behind need practice and repetition, and the students who are ahead need to be challenged.

“I’m convinced that technology has to be involved” for the process to work, he said. Students who just aren’t getting it won’t benefit from one more teacher lecture on it, and students who are ready to move on will get bored by lectures that “tread a middle line, without moving forward or backward,” he said.

Computer programs that provide students with the opportunity to practice and engage the material, and that also provide teachers with a steady stream of feedback about their progress, will help improve learning for everyone, Lukasiak said.


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