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July 8th, 2010 in Lifehack

A New Productivity for the Smartphone Era


Marian Casey
Organizational Consultant and E-Learning Advisor
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Social media and e-learning survey results « Micvadam's Blog

Social media and e-learning survey results

By micvadam

It seems that the training and education departments can greatly benefit from social media. But are they? In order to see what the knowledge and acceptance is by training professionals (in the Benelux), I have conducted a market survey. Below you will find the a summary of the results. For the full document, I would like to refer you to Slideshare where the document will be uploaded.

1. Shaping the future

Today, social media is only at the entrance gate of training departments. The adoption rate is very small but picking up speed. This is largely thanks to 3 trends fueled by LinkedIn, Twitter/Facebook and YouTube.

The first trend is that some social media is getting a professional label stuck on it and provides the platform to distribute content (LinkedIn). The second trend is driven by the buzz generated for social media by platforms such as Twitter or Facebook fuelling fabulous growth to create a connected world. The third trend is the acceptance of low(er) grade video materials. Thanks to platforms such as YouTube democratizing video creation by the end user, people are now not expecting “not top notch” videos in a learning environment.

2. Social media and e-learning

When we look at social media and e-learning, we can see 3 different angles appear:

  • Use e-learning to understand and use social media
  • Use social media to create content for e-learning materials
  • Use social media to distribute and offer e-learning materials

3. Overall findings

A large majority (90%) are using social media today, but mainly for private use. Social media is seen a digital platform (40%)to connect/network (60%+)and share experiences (50%). The use of social media today is limited (in order of importance) to business networking, personal networking and some video. In terms of usage it seems a weekly activity (vs a daily activity) where people spend between 1 and 2h.